We’re in Johannesburg at the moment, having spent the past few days at Victoria Falls. The pre-trip group of John & Ellie, Mike & Nancy, Joe & Susan and Dennis & Lola and myself, enjoyed spectacular weather for our visits to a local rural homestead, a sunset cruise on the Zambezi and a day trip to Chobe. The falls were the fullest I’ve seen them in a few years and the river cruise offered little in the way of birds and animals. Even the hippos were hiding amongst the deeply submerged trees. But the sunset was as pretty as ever. The Ndebele family hosted our morning visit to Monde Village. Baba and Mama showed us around the homestead, served us round nuts and sang hymns for us in their small church. I love visiting them – their genuine warmth and hospitality are a treat to share with travellers. Joe learned almost nothing about how to grind corn – but he taught his new friend the High Five and relished the chance to ‘high five’ over.. and over…. and over….

We’re now in JNB, having met up with the base group and we’ve ticked off Soweto and day one. Tomorrow we’re off to Cullinan (why??) and the Voortrekker Monument (zzz)…. don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight, I’m so excited… but I have a surprise for them on the way back….


We’re in Hoi An!

One week into our race through Vietnam, following Chris’s back-to-back tours, we’re in the ancient village of Hoi An. A 30km bike ride through rice paddies and vegetable gardens made good use of the spectacular weather (our first really sunny day..!) this morning and after a fitting at the tailor, we explored the temples and old houses of the town. Just returned to the hotel after a FABULOUS dinner at Mango Mango, laden withour new array of silk, cotton and wool tailored clothes. Tomorrow will be yet another marathon day as 2 flights and 2 transfers after we leave Hoi An, we arrive in Siem Reap, Cambodia for our tour of the ancient Angkor temples. Keep a look out for the new Vietnam blog which documents the trip from start to finish.

All the guides and drivers pre-tripping for the season

We may even get a glimpse into Butterfield & Robinson’s Vietnam biking trips running over Christmas and New Year…..

In October, I enjoyed the company of a Chilean film and travel crew for the start of their 40-day Southern Africa and islands epic.  For more detail, check out the page: SOUTH AFRICA TO BE SHOWCASED IN CHILEAN TV

Then, immediately following my last Cape to Cairo tour, I hit the roads with Steve for a washed out bike tour operated by Tours & Trails for DuVine Adventures.

Finally, some sunshine and 2 days of biking with the Valentines, saw one of the hottest days the Western Cape has seen this season.



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